Quelques témoignages et photos

Nous vous présentons ici quelques témoignages d'étudiants et d'enseignants ainsi qu'une galerie de photos.

- 💯 YEAAAAAH ! I did not know how it will be but it was beyond my expectations, my english is better, I have learned so much and I hope it will help me for my future career.

- 😃 I am very satisfied. This program has allowed me to enrich my English as well as my knowledge of Marketing. The teachers are always ready to help us if necessary and are very attentive. This has allowed me to progress and evolve as a student.

- 👍🏻 My experience at Coventry outmatched my expectations. I thought it would be a challenge for time management and autonomy, and it was. The fact that we have to submit our own files, and that teachers evaluate our researches instead of our memory capacities is very engaging, and for the first time in my student journey I really wanted to be proud of my work.

- 👏🏻 I liked the courseworks and the activities the teachers prepared for us to learn the lessons. Also the relations with the teachers are really different from the french system, which provides a good atmosphere in which everyone can blossom.

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