We are RenaSup...

Our Story

RenaSup is a non-profit organization, directly associated with the General Secretary of the French Catholic Education. RenaSup is a national network Catholic Private Higher Education in France with 525 schools and over 70,000 students.

RenaSup offers education at BAC +2 and BAC + 3 to then lead to a degree award through Coventry University. Every campus within the RenaSup network is focused on promoting quality standards, professional insertion and social success.

In all RenaSup establishments, you will find education opportunities where each young person is supported to excel in terms of skills but also in terms of personal development. They offer real chances of success to all their students, in education, in employment and in their social environment.

Our Values

RenaSup, and by extension, the Catholic Education, welcomes students from all countries and of all religions, has vividly become involved in the ‘Education to Universality’.

To respect and celebrate the motto of the French Republic ‘liberty, equality, fraternity’, the Catholic Education offers the teaching and learning of basic values such as human rights, respect of others, plurality of races and religions in a principle of mutual respect through interactions.

RenaSup campus offering Coventry Degrees